Middle East

FMI has been a leader in financial sector development in the Middle East for the past decade. FMI has implemented a series of capital market and private sector development programs for U.S. Government institutions, including USAID and the U.S. State Department. For USAID, FMI served as the principal adviser on financial sector development issues in the West Bank / Gaza, including successful technical assistance projects in banking, SME lending, non-bank financial institutions development, and capital markets regulation. For the U.S. State Department, FMI partnered with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) to implement a three-year SME competitiveness and SME access to finance project, which led to over $10 million in financing to Jordanian SMEs and the creation of over 1,000 jobs. Through its many project successes amid a period of conflict in the Middle East, FMI has established itself as one of the most highly accomplished financial sector technical assistance firms in the region.

Since 1998, FMI has been actively involved in capital market and private sector development in the West Bank / Gaza. FMI’s accomplishments in the region include: developing and implementing an Emergency Loan Program that successfully disbursed $5 million in loans, with a zero default rate; assisting SMEs with loan management, bankruptcy workouts, and financial planning; and assisting banks with new underwriting criteria to facilitate loan flows and training over 200 loan officers/bankers on creditworthiness evaluations.

FMI’s Financial Operations Results-Jordan Project (FOR-Jordan) led to measureable improvements in the ability of Jordanian banks to lend safely and confidently to SMEs. The Project increased the competitiveness of Jordanian SMEs, providing them with user-friendly software tools, which facilitated internal financial management and external lender relations. In the course of the Project, FMI trained over 370 SME owners and managers, and bankers from 17 banks, resulting in over $10 million in financing to SMEs.

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