Small Business Set Aside

FFMI’s USAID SEGIR – Commercial, Legal, and Institutional Reform (CLIR) IQC and FMI’s USAID International Legislative Strengthening (ILS) IQC contain a provision known as the Small Business Set Aside Clause (AAPD-02-05).

Under this clause, USAID Missions may contract FMI’s services promptly, without competition. Any contract of any size, within the IQC’s scope of work, may be awarded directly to FMI.

FMI has implemented the following programs under the CLIR Small Business Set Aside Clause:

  • USAID/Nicaragua DR-CAFTA Implementation Project (2006-Present): FMI works with the Government and private sector to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Central American Free Trade Agreement.  This includes: assisting the Government to harmonize its legal and regulatory regime, and strengthen institutional capacity; and helping implement strategies for enhanced competitiveness, economic diversification, and job creation in the private sector.
  • USAID/India Commodity Futures Market Project (2006-2007): FMI worked with the Government and national commodity futures exchanges to strengthen the regulation/supervision framework for commodity futures markets. This included legal and institutional strengthening of market regulation, surveillance, and enforcement and the development of institutional infrastructure.

FMI has implemented the following programs under the ILS Small Business Set Aside Clause:

  • USAID/ Support to House Democracy Assistance Commission Initiative (2009): FMI and the Former Members of Congress Association (FMCA) are providing technical assistance and training to the House Democracy Assistance Commission Initiative (HDAC) to help strengthen the legislatures and parliaments of selected countries. FMI and FMCA are working with legislatures around the world to train them in best practices, processes, and procedures of the United States Congress. FMI and FMCA are sending former members of Congress to Afghanistan, Colombia, East Timor, Georgia, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Macedonia, Mongolia, and Ukraine.

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