Ukraine Financial Sector Rehabilitation Project (FINREP) – For USAID, FMI is jointly implementing a comprehensive financial sector rehabilitation program, with a focus on banking reform, bank recapitalization, and financial crisis preparedness. FINREP’s goal is to help Ukraine rebuild from its current economic and financial crisis, and establish a sound, transparent, and resilient banking system. FINREP’s activities will support legislators and regulators with the bank recapitalization and resolution process, help financial sector regulators implement risk-based supervision, help build a domestic securities market as a source of stable long-term capital, and support vulnerable populations with debt restructuring and financial literacy campaigns. FMI is currently developing and implementing programs to restructure Ukraine’s Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF), conducting bank assessments and training initiatives for potential work-outs and/or liquidations, and working with the National Bank of Ukraine on supervision and regulation mechanisms. Period of Performance: 2009-2012

Mongolia Bank Restructuring Project – For the ADB, FMI served as Senior Banking Consultant to restructure and resolve three conservatorship banks and provide bank supervisory advice to the Bank of Mongolia. FMI worked closely with Bank of Mongolia to help develop a restructured and viable banking system by providing advisory support to develop, and facilitate banking system reforms, and in particular, bank restructuring activities. FMI provided recommendations to the BOM on streamlining its operations and facilitating the sale, merger and/or liquidation of troubled banks. Period of Performance: 1999-2000

Asian Bank Advisory Project – FMI served as Senior Banking Consultant to the ADB to identify opportunities for the Bank to undertake both broad based and focused financial sector studies in the banking area in the crisis-affected countries in the region. FMI assisted Bank staff in preparing for policy negotiations with government and non-government agencies concerning banking sector issues and adjustment operations. FMI assisted ADB-member countries in designing and implementing banking sector reform measures, advising banks on better asset-liability management and credit evaluation procedures, and developing a set of monitoring indicators to assess performance of the banking sector. FMI also analyzed the feasibility of securitizing the assets of commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions to promote secondary markets. Period of Performance: 1999-2000

China Asset Management and Bank Reform – For the ADB in Beijing, FMI assisted with an assessment of the Cinda Asset Management Corporation (CAMC) to provide recommendations on ways to strengthen the organizational structure and institutional capabilities of CAMC and other asset management companies in China. FMI’s senior banking consultant reviewed the structure of CAMC and worked with the ADB staff to develop strategies for resolving CAMC’s non-performing loan acquisition and operations. FMI recommended appropriate reform measures to facilitate and introduce asset-backed securities as a means to utilize capital markets for NPL resolution. FMI assisted the ADB in developing project goals for long-term assistance to CAMC including reform of its accounting system, improving audit procedures, and designing a state of the art MIS system for asset management functions. Period of Performance: 1999-2000

Risk Management Services – FMI provides education and training in the areas of risk management, securities and derivative products, strategic country analysis, and financial engineering. FMI has developed customized courses on derivatives (including products and markets, risk management strategies, regulation and taxation, accounting standards and practices, valuation, and market risk) for financial institutions, banks, accounting firms, professional associations, and corporations. Clients include: Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P. Morgan, Bankers Trust, Moscow Inter-bank Currency Exchange, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce/Wood Gundy, Multi Commodity Exchange of India, Dow Chemical, Treasury Management Association, and TIAA-CREF Pension Fund.

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