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Financial Markets International, Inc. is staffed with seasoned professionals with decades of practical experience in capital markets and institutional reform. FMI professionals have served as senior officers for the world's largest securities and commodity futures exchanges, banks, broker-dealers, financial corporations, SROs, pension funds, and insurance companies; as well as former senior regulators for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Federal Reserve Board, the Resolution Trust Corporation, FDIC, the U.S. Departments of Labor and Treasury, and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.


Charles Seeger, J.D., President & CEO, is a senior attorney specializing in capital markets development for both transitional and developed economies. Mr. Seeger has served as a senior advisor to securities and commodities exchanges and commissions, central banks, finance ministries, and pension agencies. Since 1992, Mr. Seeger has implemented assignments to develop capital markets in emerging markets through international best practices, legal and regulatory reform, and private law. Mr. Seeger has directed the successful implementation of FMI's capital markets projects worldwide. He was previously Senior Vice President and Counsel for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and participated in the major developments between the SEC, CFTC, and Federal Reserve Board on legal and regulatory issues. He has drafted commodities exchange laws and regulations for several nations seeking modern commodity futures regulatory regimes. In the private practice of law he served leading exchanges, broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. He was a Legislative Assistant to the US House of Representatives, and he has written extensively on capital market issues. Mr. Seeger founded Financial Markets International, Inc. in 1992.


Sanjin Arifagić, MBA, Senior Finance and Investment Promotion Specialist, currently serves as Chief of Party of FMI’s USAID/BiH Diaspora Invest Activity. He was previously the Head of Economic and Social Development and the Southeast Europe 2020 Coordination Unit at the Sarajevo-based Regional Cooperation Council, where he directed a multi-million donor-funded economic development program covering all 13 countries in Southeast Europe. Over the past decade, Mr. Arifagić has worked closely with senior BiH and regional government officials, private sector leaders, and financial institutions in BiH and the Balkans. He has served as CEO of a boutique investment and financial advisory firm, technical advisor for the IFC, World Bank, USAID, and US Embassy, and Member of the Advisory Board of the €145 million Western Balkan Enterprise Development and Innovation.

Adam Ebrahim, J.D., Associate Counsel, advises on legal and regulatory matters related to the firm’s international projects and business operations. He supports FMI’s business development efforts, drafts and manages contracts, liaises with international donor agencies, and monitors regulatory compliance. Mr. Ebrahim provides technical and managerial support to FMI’s USAID and other international donor funded projects. This includes research and analysis, preparing proposals, and recruiting and fielding international consultant teams. Mr. Ebrahim also provides legal counsel  for FMI’s international private sector clients.

Nick Kennedy, M.A., Vice President of Project Management and Business Development, is the lead manager for FMI’s international donor-funded projects. He has served as FMI’s Project Manager for CMP, FINREP, and FINREP-II, where he is responsible for reporting to USAID, developing scopes of work for FMI’s senior level short-term consultants, and financial management. Mr. Kennedy provides technical and administrative support to FMI’s portfolio of development projects. He manages FMI’s various USAID contract vehicles, Task Order responses, proposal preparation, and project start-up. Mr. Kennedy participates in the drafting and preparation of proposals, and carries out marketing efforts directed at private and public sector clients in the U.S. and abroad.

David King, Ph.D., Senior Financial Sector Advisor, currently serves as Chief of Party of FMI’s USAID/BiH Financial Reform Agenda Activity (FINRA). He is a Ph.D. economist who has served as a USAID COP for over 15 years, spanning seven different flagship economic growth activities. Previously, he worked for eight years as the lead facilitator for USAID/Washington’s Economic Growth Training program, responsible for training economic growth professionals from USAID, MCC, and the US State Department . Mr. King’s career in finance and banking includes positions as the Division Chief and Head of International Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Administrator at the OECD in Paris, and Department Head at Citibank in New York and Chicago. Mr. King has taught and lectured on economics, finance, and banking at Yale University, Rutgers University, New York University School of Business, London Business School, and INSEAD.

Christine Lee, Office Manager, supports budgetary and contract management, prepares cost/budgetary proposals, monitors accounting, and ensures budgetary and financial compliance for FMI’s international projects. Ms. Lee has an in-depth knowledge of USAID regulations and requirements. She also provides Human Resources services related to employee and consultant hiring, compensation, and benefits.

Edward Nolan, B.A., Credit Guarantee Advisor and Banking Specialist, is a senior financial sector expert with over 40 years of U.S. and international experience in central banking and financial sector supervision and regulation. He is an expert in the design and implementation of legal-regulatory frameworks, troubled bank resolution, and developing policies related to credit/risk management, liquidity, and bank operations Mr. Nolan is Chief of Party on FMI’s USAID/Kosovo EMPOWER Credit Support project, where he also serves as Managing Director of the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF), which is operated by FMI in Prishtina. From 2005 to 2008, Mr. Nolan advised the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK) as the Deputy Managing Director for Financial Sector Supervision, where he led and provided technical support for bank examination and surveillance, developed CBK regulations and policies, directed banking, insurance, and pension supervision, and refined the CBK’s organizational and management structure. Mr. Nolan also spent three years as a Senior Advisor to the Central Bank of Suriname, and has previously advised or managed central banks and supervisory authorities in Azerbaijan, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Yemen, Oman, Namibia, and Uganda. Earlier in his career, Mr. Nolan held senior managerial positions with the U.S. Federal Reserve System and the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Jusuf Tanović, MBA, Senior Business Development Advisor, currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Party of FMI’s USAID/BiH Diaspora Invest Activity. He has 15 years of experience leading multi-year, multi-million donor-funded programs for USAID and UNDP as a Chief of Party and Deputy Chief of Party. Recently, he served as the COP for the USAID/Partnership for Innovation Activity (PI), where he advised a range of firms across the agriculture, tourism, logistics and manufacturing, and textile sectors.  He was previously a banking and financial sector expert for USAID and the UNDP in BiH.

Maythis Williams, Executive Assistant, supports all FMI business operations. Her duties at FMI include assisting in the preparation of proposals, communications, and reports, managing schedules, making travel accommodations, communicating with clients, and assisting the President & CEO with various special projects.

In addition to its full-time staff, FMI has a cadre of over 200 experienced consultants, specializing in specific fields of international finance and investment, economic development, bank reform, securities and commodities markets, corporate governance, pension fund reform and development, information systems, employment restructuring, alternative dispute resolution, commercial law, bankruptcy, privatization, and regulatory reform.

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